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Orb Finance is a pioneering financial consultancy firm that helps professional football clubs to manage their playing assets through analytical tools, proprietary software and financial expertise.At Orb, we recognise the economic realities and regulatory changes facing the football industry and provide a new financial management approach to our clients – using robust tools and techniques that combine performance analytics with financial modelling.

We work with clients at all levels to analyse player-related transactions in an objective and systematic manner. We equip them to make better decisions by helping them to understand their most complex player-related problems in both footballing and financial terms.

Orb’s people are both football fans and finance experts. We have joined the football industry in a new phase in its professional development in order to combine our passion and expertise. By creating this link between football and finance, we help our clients to compete on the pitch and prosper off it.

We at Orb are bringing football and finance together.